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Double Glazing Spares

Multi Point Window Lock Keeps (Quantity 20+)

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£1.95 Ex VAT
£2.34 Inc VAT

Min:  20
*Mixed OFF

Discount price is per keep for a minumum quantitiy of 20 of each specific type, not a mixed quantity of 20. To buy less than 20 at the normal price or to view a wider variety of keeps click here. Only a small variety of keeps are listed below as not all window keeps are available to buy in bulk.

The photograph shows one type of many keeps offered.

The keeps all look similar but are made to suit different plastic profiles.

We also stock a multi point window lock keep often used on timber frames, the code for this one is (ERKUNIM).

Each keep has the part number/product code on it. Identify the product code on your keep then see if its listed below. Click on the code that matches, choose the quantity on the right and add to your shopping cart. Click on checkout at the top to proceed with your purchase.

Screws are not included but are available separately see Screws Section.

  • Model: ERK20+
  • Manufactured by: Avocet