UPVC Door and Window Hinges

Great range of upvc door hinges and upvc window hinges. We offer three main types of door hinge: Butt Fit upvc Door Hinges, Rebated upvc Door Hinges and Flag upvc Door hinges.

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UPVC Door and Window Hinge Best Sellers, where you’ll discover a handpicked selection of our most sought-after and popular Door and Window Hinges.

More about UPVC Door and Window Hinges

Some of our door hinges have been used on upvc doors for over 30 years. Some door hinges have been discontinued, if you email us with a photograph and dimensions in mm we will advise you of a suitable replacement available. Our upvc window hinge range is quite extensive. From standard friction hinges, restricted hinges and fire escape hinges.

UPVC Door and Window Hinges
  • What are UPVC Door Hinges?

    uPVC door hinges are essential hardware elements designed to offer smooth operation, longevity, and security for doors made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). Renowned for their exceptional resistance to weather conditions and low maintenance requirements, these hinges are pivotal in enabling doors to swing open or closed effortlessly. Now, imagine how smooth and reliable your doors could be with our range of top-tier, high-quality uPVC door hinges.

    uPVC door hinges are famed for their durability and resilience, offering superior protection against the elements compared to their traditional metal counterparts. They are engineered to stand up to the rigours of frequent use and harsh weather, making them a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for your door needs. When installed with precision and maintained appropriately, these hinges can substantially increase the lifespan of your doors.


    Types of UPVC Door Hinges:

    Butt Hinges Traditional and reliable, these are the go-to choice for many residential doors. They offer steadfast performance and are easy to install. Our range of Butt Hinges is crafted to meet your doors’ needs, ensuring they operate smoothly and securely.

    Flag Hinges Particularly popular for uPVC doors, Flag Hinges stand out due to their high adjustability and strong design. They allow both vertical and horizontal adjustments, offering a precise and snug fit for your door. Check out our selection of Flag Hinges that ensure your door’s stability and enhanced functionality.

    Rebated Hinges These are special hinges designed to fit into a cut-out or “rebate” in uPVC doors, enabling a flush finish. They provide secure, reliable operation and enhance door aesthetics, offering an ideal balance between functionality and visual appeal.


    How to Adjust a UPVC Door Hinge?

    Adjusting a UPVC door hinge might seem complex, but with a few tools and our easy-to-follow guide, you can do it yourself, improving your door’s performance and extending its lifespan. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to ensure your door functions optimally, saving you potentially costly repairs or replacements down the line.

    First, identify the type of hinge you have, as the adjustment method may vary. For most hinges, the process involves loosening the screws to allow for movement, adjusting the door to the desired position, and then tightening the screws again. You’ll typically need an Allen key or a screwdriver. Make sure to adjust slowly and methodically, checking the door’s swing and fit after each adjustment. If you’re unsure or find the task too daunting, our team of professionals is always on standby to help you.


    How to Replace UPVC Window Hinges?

    Replacing UPVC window hinges can breathe new life into your windows, improving their functionality and appearance. Start by removing the old hinge, usually by unscrewing it from the window frame and sash. Once removed, align the new hinge, secure it in place, and check the window operation.

    We offer an array of premium-quality UPVC window hinges designed for easy installation and long-lasting performance. By investing in our hinges, you’re not just buying a product; you’re ensuring a seamless, secure, and smooth operation for your windows. If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t worry – our highly skilled team is always ready to step in and take care of the installation process for you.

    In conclusion, our UPVC hinges, whether for doors or windows, offer a robust and long-lasting solution that enhances your property’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Step up your door and window game by investing in our top-of-the-range UPVC hinges today!