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Double Glazing Spares

Aubi/Saracen upvc window lock gearbox mechanism

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This Aubi/Saracen window lock mechanism comes in three pieces.

The extensions are sold separately to the gearboxes. This item is the gearbox only.

The Aubi/Saracen window lock gearbox is in the centre of the upvc window, connected directly to the window handle. Two extensions/corners with serrated teeth connect onto the gearbox.

This gearbox is supplied in two main variants. One type has a cranked face plate, the other is flat. The one with a cranked faceplate has code: 05058 printed in the tooth acceptor channel, the one with a flat face plate has code 05060 in the same place. Both gearboxes have a deadbolt.

To ensure that this is the part you require, we advise you to remove the window lock mechanism from your window and compare it to the photo provided here.

Please choose deadbolt height and flat or cranked faceplate. Scroll down the page to view a photo showing how to identify these options.

  • Model: ER-SGAU
  • Manufactured by: Saracen