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  • Model: TTDGSIE
  • Manufactured by: Siegenia

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Siegenia Lockable Drive Gear Mechanism

£53.34 Inc VAT

These are Siegenia Lockable drive gear mechanisms for tilt and turn doors with an internal and external handle and a separate Euro cylinder.

Key hole to handle spindle: 160mm for size 1461-1920
Key hole to handle spindle: 200mm for size 1650-2150 and 1880-2380

The handle gearbox is above the lock cylinder gearbox.

Size 1461-1920 has 1 roller cam, size 1650-2150 and 1880-2380 have 2 roller cams.

There will be a code similar to this: FFH 1880-2380 printed on the front surface of the long metal face plate. The FFH is the size.

Printed into the long face plate should be some numbers and letters. The code should contain the letters "FFH" followed by a size range e.g "1880-2380". Using this code you can then select the correct drive gear with the same size range. If there is no size range printed into your part then you will need to measure the total length of ALL the gearing down the handle side of your door(including the corner gearing parts). This measurement will give you the doors sash rebate height. You can then find the correct size range this measurement fits into e.g sash rebate height of 1800mm, choose size range 1650-2150.

You will also need to choose the correct backset: the distance in millimetres from the front of the faceplat to the centre of the square handle spindle hole. Click here to view "Backset" and "Spindle to key" measurements. The backset measurement is also printed onto the side of the gearboxes, visible with the lock removed from the door.

This lock is no longer manufactured. We have limited sizes available; currently We can offer 25mm backset in a size range of 1880-2380mm only.

This product is sold singly; the price is for one.

N.B The size range option corresponds to the rebate height of your window/door (i.e the length of all the gearing down the handle side). You need to measure this length then select which size range your falls into. Do not measure the length of your drive gear to get the size you require as you will end up purchasing the wrong size.