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  • Model: TTDGSI
  • Manufactured by: Siegenia

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Siegenia Tilt'nTurn Drive Gear Window Lock Mechanism 15mm

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The colour of Siegenia (Si) Tilt'nTurn Drive Gear Lock Mechanisms used to be dull brass. They are now silver in colour but otherwise exactly the same. They often have "TRIAL" written on the centre unit

The 480-600mm and 601-1100mm FFH sizes have no roller cams.
The 680-1180mm, 1000-1460mm and 1461-1920mm FFH sizes have one roller cam.
The 1880-2380mm FFH size has two roller cams.

The backset is 15mm.

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These products are sold singly. The price is for one.

N.B The size range below corresponds to the rebate height of your window/door (i.e the length of all the gearing down the handle side). You need to measure this length then select which size range your falls into. Do not measure the length of your drive gear to get the size you require as you will end up purchasing the wrong size.