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Double Glazing Spares

Maco Offset Espagnolette upvc Window Lock - Flat Rail

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Mushroom Height

Rail Length

Rail Width

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This MACO espagnolette upvc window lock mechanism should have MACO printed into the rail, visible even with the espagnolette upvc window lock mechanism fastened in place.

To ensure that this is the part you require, we advise you to remove the upvc window lock from your window and compare it to the photo provided here.

The gearboxes of the different types of espagnolette upvc window locks all look very different when you inspect the shape of them.

Once you are happy that the gearbox on your multipoint upvc window lock mechanism matches ours then you know you have found the correct type.

Please choose the correct Backset [A], Cam Height [B] and Rail Length [C], all explained in the introduction to espagnolette upvc window locks.

  • Model: WW-UER15
  • Manufactured by: Maco