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Multipoint UPVC Door Locks

Massive Range of Multipoint UPVC Door Locks Stocked!

multpoint upvc door lock dimensions

We stock the most popular UPVC Door Locks fitted in the UK over the last 30 years!. Multipoint locks have been primarily used on UPVC doors, although occasionally and more recently they're being fitted to timber and composite doors.

If you are new to buying replacement locks for UPVC doors, please take some time to view our identifying guide. It's really useful and will help reduce the risk of ordering the wrong door lock - see link below. If you can't see the type of upvc door lock you're looking for, please send us an email with as much information as possible inc. digital or scanned photo and we should be able to supply one.

How To Identify a Multipoint Door Lock

It can be tricky identifying the multipoint door lock you require. We have therefore created a help page which shows step-by-step how to identify your multipoint door lock.

  • Dimension A - Spindle to Key
  • Dimension B - Backset

Multipoint Locking points

Types of Locking Point: (note that many locks have more than one type)

  • hook
  • deadbolt
  • roller cam
    Roller Cam
  • mushroom cam
    Mushroom Cam
  • finger bolt
    Finger Bolt
  • centre latch
    Centre Latch
  • anti lift pin with hook
    Anti Lift Pin & Hook