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  • Model: DBAV2R2M35
  • Manufactured by: Avocet

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Avocet 2 Roller 2 Mushroom Multipoint upvc Door Lock

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Discontinued; no stock left!!! However the Avocet 4 Roller 1 Deadbolt Multipoint upvc Door Lock is a good alternative. Two Roller Keeps will be required when using this alternative.

Spindle to key92mm

Multipoint upvc Door Lock Specification:

2 roller
2 mushroom
1 centre latch
1 deadbolt
16 mm wide brass lock strip.
Lever Lever locking operation.
Avocet may be printed into the lockstrip.
The mechanism can be handed LH or RH by removing the centre latch and turning it.

Click here to view "Backset" and "Spindle to key" measurements

Compatible Lever/Lever Handles:

diagram of lever/lever handle

Click here to view suitable Lever/Lever door handles.

Compatible Lever/Pad handles:

diagram of lever/pad handle
Avocet 235mm 92/62PZ Lever Pad Handles sprung
Hoppe 270mm 92/62PZ Lever Pad Handles

Please check that these handles cover any existing screw holes in the door.