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Double Glazing Spares

GU 2 Hook 2 Roller 1 Deadbolt 568 upvc Door Lock

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Split Spindle Follower

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GU Multipoint Door Lock Specification:

Spindle to key: 92mm
Backset: 28mm or 35mm
Lever Lever locking operation (Lever Pad, split spindle follower option also available)
2 Hook
2 Roller
1 centre latch
1 deadbolt
16 mm wide silver lock strip.
This GU door lock can be handed LH or RH (instructions on side of lock).
The letters GU will be engraved somewhere on the lockstrip.

Click here to view "Backset" and "Spindle to key" measurements

Centre of spindle hole to centre of top hook gearbox:568mm
Centre of spindle hole and centre of bottom hook gearbox:660mm

This product can be used as a direct replacement for the old type GU door lock. The last two photos at the bottom of the screen are for reference only and are here to help you identify your old lock. The centre latch and deadbolt keeps may need re-positioning slightly. To lock the door: lift the handle then turn the key.

Split spindle follower: allows the multipoint lock to work with lever/pad handles so that a key must be used to gain access even when the door isn't locked (available in 35mm b/set only)

diagram of lever/lever handle

Click here to view suitable lever/lever handles.

diagram of lever/pad handle

Compatible Lever/Pad handles:
Hoppe Atlanta 220mm 92/92PZ Lever Pad Handles
Hoppe 240mm 92/92PZ Lever Pad Handles

Please check that these handles cover any existing screw holes in the door.

  • Model: DBGU2H2R1
  • Manufactured by: GU