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  • Model: DBML
  • Manufactured by: Mila

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Mila Central Gearbox upvc Door Lockcase

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Mila gearbox for upvc Door Lock

To switch the Mila gearboxe, remove the two fixing screws on the metal strip that hold the gearbox on, remove the gearbox, connect the new gearbox (making sure the metal sliders locate into the gearbox then re-fasten the screws back in). You may wish to purchase a "star" screw head for the screws, available below.

N.B These Mila gearboxes will fit onto 95% of Mila multipoint locks. See the photo below to check if your connectors occur in the same place.

Mila upvc Door Lock Specification:

Spindle to key92mm

1 centre latch
1 deadbolt
Lever Lever or Lever Pad locking operation
This Mila lock can be handed LH or RH by removing the centre latch and turning it.
To suit 16 mm wide brass lockstrip.
The letters Mila should be engraved on the original lockstrip

Click here to view "Backset" and "Spindle to key" measurements

diagram of lever/lever handle
Click here to view suitable Lever/Lever door handles.

Please check that these handles cover any existing screw holes in the door.

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