How to Replace a Broken Multipoint Door Lock?

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A failed door lock can be a pain at the best of times. Wether it won’t close properly, won’t engage the locking mechanism or simply is stuck in the locked position, a broken multipoint door lock can leave your home unsecure and at risk. In this guide we’ll look at replacing a broken door lock, as well as maintaining it’s replacement to prevent further failures.

Why does a Multipoint Door Lock sometimes fail?

Firstly, let’s look at the possible failings of a multipoint door lock:

  • The key won’t turn in the lock. This could be related to either the Euro Cylinder, which is a separate item in the door which activates the deadbolt on the central gearbox, or it could be an issue with the gearbox itself.
  • The door handle won’t lift to engage the locking points on the door strip. This could be related to either the locking points themselves, for example, hooks not releasing from their compartments or perhaps a worn keep that the hook sits into, or the central gearbox not moving the locking point activation arms.
  • The door handle won’t pull down to disengage the door lock and open the door. This issue would most likely be caused by the central gearbox failing. It’s most likely a small part has failed in the gearbox which is stopping the locking points from releasing.

How to change a UPVC Door Lock Gearbox?

Once you’ve identified the issue that’s stopping the lock from working correctly, you can look at what’s needed to remedy the problem.

A lot of multi-point door locks such as Yale, Lockmaster, Era, Surelock, Maco and Coldseal have central gearboxes that are removable and can be purchased as spare parts.

Multipoint door locks such as WinkHaus have central gearboxes that are riveted onto the face plate and can not be purchased separately.

If you’re confident that only the central gearbox has failed, a replacement would be a cost-effective solution. Inspect the complete door lock first though as it may be a false economy if the rest of the door lock is also in a poor state.

Replacing a central gearbox is fairly simple, follow this guide to remove the full door lock from the door:

1.) Unscrew the door handle. The screws will be internal and there are usually 2 or 3 screws to remove.

2.) Unscrew the central screw located just below the deadbolt of the central gearbox on the faceplate of the lock itself. This screw is what is securing the Euro Cylinder in place.

3.) Remove the Euro Cylinder. You will need the key to do this as the section that spins in the cylinder is in an offset position when the key is not inserted. You will need to turn the key until the sections line up so the Euro Cylinder can be removed successfully.

4.) Remove the screws holding the multipoint door lock in place. These will be clearly visible on the face plate of the door lock.

5.) Gently prize the door lock out of the door, allowing for work on the replacement to commence.

6.) The central gearbox is usually held onto the faceplate using 2-3 screws (if it is indeed a part that can be replaced). Remove the screws and offer the new gearbox up to the faceplate of the door lock.

7.) Ensure any arms in the new gearbox are in line with the activation rods on the rear of the faceplate. This will ensure the locking points will activate and deactivate.

8.) Repeat steps 1-6 in reverse order to re-fit the lock.

If the full locking mechanism has failed or the central gearbox is not a replacement item and you need to replace the full lock, follow steps 1-5 to remove the lock and then complete the same steps in reverse to re-fit the lock.

Maintenance Tips for Your Multipoint Door Lock

Now let’s look at maintaining your multipoint door lock and hopefully, preventing any further issues.

Most new door locks have a specific grease, that lubricates any moving parts within the lock. It’s unlikely you’ll need to add to this as it’s added by the manufacturer when the lock is assembled. WD40 and such should be avoided as they can contaminate the existing grease inside the lock. Only use alternative lubricants when trying to free a lock in order to replace it.

Periodically check the function of the entire lock. Make sure the locking points move freely and without obstruction, even a small interference can cause an issue over time.

There should be no need to remove the lock for any maintenance, but slowly working the door handle itself to feel for resistance can be an early indication of an impending fault.

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