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Roofus 'Standard' Tool - Metric (millimetres)

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The most significant advancement in angle measuring tools since the invention of the speed square in 1925.

This tool is essentially an adjustable square with built in 2-D levels, complete with angle and measurement graduations.

Popular applications for the Roofus tool:

  • Roof and general framing
  • Stair fabrication
  • Fixing carpentry (doors, shelving etc.)
  • Decking and timber flooring
  • Ship/Yacht/Boat building
  • Metal fabrication and engineering
  • Upholstery/dress making

Product Features and Specification

  • Degree scale 1° – 55° in jet black for good visibility
  • Imperial rise & run scale 1 – 17 (traditional)
  • Hip & valley angle scales for each of the front scales on the tools’ reverse side which includes a hip & valley scale calibrated with degrees and a hip & valley scale calibrated with the imperial rise and run scale
  • Fitted with a 350mm metric blade and graduated in millimetres
  • Precision moulded from tough glass filled resin
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  • Model: RFS-ST-ME
  • Manufactured by: ROOFUS