WMS Butt Fit UPVC Door Hinge

£7.25excluding VAT

WMS Butt Fit UPVC Door Hinge. This hinge is sold singly: the price is for one.

A manufacturing issue has resulted in many suppliers running out of stock, we currently have plenty available!

Screws are not included but are available separately see Screws Section.

Often the words ‘pat. pending’ appears on the reverse of the door hinge.

Scroll down to view photo of the cross section of the sash screw plate. Then choose angled or flat from the menu below.

With all hinges we advise that once you receive them, make a final comparison between the old and the new hinge by putting them side by side to ensure suitability. Once a hinge has been installed the screws scratch off paint from the hinge making any refund or return unfeasible.


Fitting Guide

Remove grub screws on side of hinge (visible with door fully open). Using a chisel, remove the hinge pins (lever between the hinge pin head and the hinge body). With all the pins removed the door will release, allowing access to the fixing screws. Remove all fixing screws from the hinges. Refit new hinges in reverse manner. The door will be heavy so some strength will be required when lifting the door on and off.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Polished Gold, White

Sash Screw Plate

Flat, Angled


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