Pendulum Rebated upvc Door Hinge

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Pendulum Rebated upvc Door Hinge

We sell the 3 most common types of pendulum Rebated door hinge Type 1 (9mm), Type 2 (11mm)and Type 3 (13mm). Compare your hinge with the photos below to decide which one you need. With all hinges we advise that once you receive them, make a final comparison between the old and the new hinge by putting them side by side to ensure suitability. Once a hinge has been installed the screws scratch off paint from the hinge making any refund or return unfeasible.

This hinge is sold singly: the price is for one.


Screws are not included but are available separately see Screws Section.

Scroll down to view photo of the different types (type 2 without box section is no longer available), then select the type required.

These used to be made in the three colours shown, but only white is available now.

9mm Type 1: Out of stock and out of production.

11mm Type 2: Out of stock and out of production.

13mm Type 3: Limited stock available, out of production.

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Weight 0.5 kg



9mm Type 1 (out of production), 11mm Type 2 (out of production), 13mm Type 3


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