Ferco 4 Roller Multipoint upvc Door Lock

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Ferco Door Lock Dimensions

Spindle to key 70mm
Backset 28 or 35mm

Older locks have the brand name Ferco on the face plate along with 3 numbers, the last 2 numbers designate the backset size. The first number is irrelevant. New locks are now printed with the manufacturers name ‘GU’.


Ferco Door Lock Specification:

1 centre latch
4 roller cams
16 mm wide Faceplate
Lever Lever locking operation
This Ferco lock can be handed RH or LH by turning the centre latch around.

Click here to view ‘Backset’ and ‘Spindle to key’ measurements

diagram of lever/lever handle
Click here to view suitable Lever/Lever door handles.

Please check that these handles cover any existing screw holes in the door.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

28mm, 35mm


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