St Helens Glass – Zenith Staybrite Door Lock

This door lock has been fitted to St Helens Glass doors and Zenith Staybrite door, often known as a Zeneth Staybrite door lock.

Spindle to key 48mm
Backset 33mm

St Helens Glass Door Lock Specification:

1 centre latch
1 deadbolt
Lever/Lever, Lever/Pad or ‘key turn only’ locking operation.

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£101.50excluding VAT


This Zeneth Staybrite door lock can be handed LH or RH by removing the centre latch and turning it.

The gearbox can be used with concealed shootbolts or as part of a three deadbolt mechanism. To use it in this manner a small machine screw must be removed from one side of the gearbox.

Only the central gearboxes are available now for Zenith Staybrite doors but this is usually the part that fails.

We only sell these without the snib.

If you have the rod type shootbolts that poke out the topside and underside of the door then follow this procedure to remove the door lock:
Looking down on the top surface of the door, remove the plastic guide from around the shootbolt. The plastic guide will either be screwed or riveted on (if its riveted, drill off the rivet top being careful not to drill too far into the plastic guide, and re-rivet it back on later with new rivets). Once the guide has been pulled out, insert an allen key in the end of the shootbolt and turn anti-clockwise several times. Repeat the process on the bottom shootbolt. Once both shootbolts have been unscrewed from the ABT centre lock it can be removed from the door. Sometimes you may have to remove the door from its hinges to access the bottom shootbolt.

diagram of lever/lever handle

Click here to view compatible Lever/Lever door Handles.

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