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Our range of handles for UPVC Windows offer an ideal solution when replacing broken handles to suit windows from 30 years ago to the present day. We have industry leading knowledge when it comes to UPVC window handles, helping our customers choose the correct replacement window handle every time.

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Good Range of Replacement UPVC Door handles

We offer many types of lever lever and lever pad UPVC door handles, suitable to replace broken or worn handles on UPVC doors. Sizes include 48mm,68mm,70mm,92mm and 117mm PZ (spindle to key centre), suitable for most UPVC Doors. Our UPVC Door handles are often fitted on front doors, back doors, patio doors and conservatory doors.

UPVC Handles
  • What are UPVC door handles?

    UPVC door handles are specifically designed handles used on UPVC doors, a common choice in modern residential and commercial buildings. Made with durability, functionality, and aesthetics in mind, these handles are an essential complement to your UPVC doors.

    UPVC door handles are more than just a device to open or close your door; they are a critical part of your home’s character and security. Each handle is crafted with a focus on robustness, low maintenance, and a style that suits your property’s aesthetic. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of beauty, strength, and convenience, UPVC door handles are a great addition to your doors.


    Types of UPVC Door Handles?

    UPVC door handles come in a variety of types, each offering its unique blend of style and functionality. Here are some common types:

    Espag UPVC Window Handles: These are also known as espagnolette handles. These are specially designed to drive a spindle that goes inside the window frame and connects with the window lock, offering enhanced security and ease of use

    Cockspur Window Handles: These handles feature a unique nose that locks over the window frame when the handle is in the closed position, providing a secure and reliable solution for your windows.

    Lever/Lever Handles: These are the most common types, featuring a lever on both sides of the door.

    Lever/Pad Handles: These have a lever on the inside and a pad on the outside, offering an extra level of security as the door can only be opened from the outside using a key. These handles are a popular choice for your front and back doors.

    Patio Door Handles: Designed specifically for patio doors, these are typically sliding handles that work with a slightly different mechanism.

    Spade Window Handles: These handles bring a distinctive aesthetic touch to your windows, combining style and functionality.

    Tilt & Turn Window Handles: These are designed for windows that tilt for ventilation and turn to open into the property for cleaning. They provide a convenient and practical solution for modern window designs.

    Each type of handle caters to a unique need and aesthetic preference. Whether you’re looking for a classic Lever/Lever handle, the additional security of a Lever/Pad handle, or the specific functionality of a patio door handle, UPVC Hardware has a wide range to suit your requirements.


    How to replace a UPVC Door Handle?

    Replacing a UPVC door handle involves a few simple steps:

    1.) Remove the Existing Handle: This typically involves unscrewing the handle set from both sides of the door.

    2.) Measure the Old Handle: Ensure you have the correct measurements – the distance between the centre of the handle lever and the centre of the cylinder (PZ), and the distance between the fixing screws.

    3.) Choose Your New Handle: Based on your measurements, choose a new handle that suits your door and your style.

    4.) Install the New Handle: Align the new handle with the holes, feed the spindle through the door, and then fasten the screws securely.

    While these steps make the process seem straightforward, remember that the correct installation is crucial for the handle’s functioning and your door’s security. If you’re unsure, consider hiring a professional or taking advantage of UPVC Hardware’s expert fitting services.


    How to measure a UPVC door handle?

    Measuring a UPVC door handle ensures the right fit. Here’s how:

    1.) Measure the PZ: The distance from the centre of the spindle hole (the lever) to the centre of the cylinder hole (the key).

    2.) Measure the Fixing Centres: The distance between the centre of the top fixing screw to the centre of the bottom fixing screw.

    3.) Measure the Backplate Length: Measure the length of the handle’s backplate.

    Correct measurements ensure that your handle fits perfectly and functions efficiently. If you’re unsure, our team at UPVC Hardware can provide guidance to ensure your handle is measured correctly.

    UPVC door handles are not just hardware; they’re an investment in your home’s look and security. Explore our range at UPVC Hardware, and find the perfect blend of style, durability, and security today!

    UPVC Door handles


    Are all UPVC window handles the same size?

    No, not all UPVC window handles are the same size. Different models and manufacturers can have different sizes and specifications for their UPVC window handles. Always check the product details or consult with the manufacturer or distributor to ensure you’re getting the right size for your needs.


    Are UPVC door/window handles weather resistant?

    Yes, one of the advantages of UPVC door and window handles is their ability to resist the weather. They are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and temperature changes, making them durable and long-lasting. However, their level of weather resistance can still depend on the specific model and manufacturer.


    Do your Door Handles come in pairs?

    This can depend on the products. Some UPVC door handles are sold in pairs, while others may be sold individually. It is important to check the product description before purchasing to make sure you’re getting the correct quantity.


    Are all door handles standard sizes?

    No, door handles do not come in standard sizes. The size can vary significantly depending on the style, model, and manufacturer of the handle. Some common measurements to consider include the distance between the handle and the keyhole (also known as PZ distance) and the length and width of the backplate.